Core Values

Freedom Lifted offers customized civil rights tours and social justice trainings to groups of participants ages 12+. The name “Freedom Lifted” speaks to the elevation of the unseen work and collective action for social justice and social change. Freedom Lifted is a socially conscious business driven by these values:

  • Tourism that boosts local economies by working with community-based and black-owned businesses whenever possible.

  • Cultural experiences that respect and honor the intelligence, work, and resilience of historically marginalized communities, preserve the narratives of ancestors and elders, and recognize the contributions of young people.

  • Interactive trainings and workshops for groups and individuals of all ages willing to recognize and dismantle oppression, and build a new and just world.

Both the tours and the trainings challenge participants to understand the past in order to find or strengthen their role in building a future where everyone is free.


“Social movements may have many ‘defeats’ — failing to achieve objectives in the short run — but in the course of the struggle the strength of the old order begins to erode, the minds of people begin to change; the protesters are momentarily defeated but not crushed, and have been lifted, heartened, by their ability to fight back.”

– Howard Zinn


A percentage of proceeds from all tours are donated to developing resources and community programs that seek to teach all ages about civil rights and social movement history. Towards this goal, Freedom Lifted is a consistent supporter of the Zinn Education Project.


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