Tour Overview

Since 2012, Freedom Lifted has offered tours of sites related to the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. Deep South for groups of students, teachers, clergy, activists, and families. Our tours provide opportunities for participants to meet and spend time with movement veterans and local experts, to visit and honor sacred spaces, and to build community through shared meals and discussion.

The tours also feature talks, books, and films on the bus rides, helping provide context for each site.  

Most importantly, participants take time daily to reflect and share with one another on what they see, hear, and feel, and how their experiences relate to their own work and goals.

Currently, Freedom Lifted offers tours for pre-arranged groups, usually with 15 - 45 people.  To learn more about how to arrange a group tour, read our tour FAQs.

Past and current Freedom Lifted tour clients include:

  • The Edmund Burke School (Washington DC)

  • Francis W. Parker School

  • Friends Seminary (New York City)

  • Mount Vernon School District (Iowa)

  • New Haven Academy

  • Prince William County Schools

  • Rhode Island State Council of Churches

  • The San Francisco School

  • Washougal School District (State of Washington)