Mia Henry

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I was born and raised in the U.S. Deep South, the daughter of a Civil Rights activist who desegregated her junior high school when she was 14 along with six other young people. I grew up learning about the history of the American Civil Rights Movement not only in school, but from the sharing of personal stories by my parents and extended family in Alabama.

I feel called to use my passions for teaching and travel to share the history of the Black Freedom Struggle in the U.S. For many years in previous work, I led history and political education tours for young people and adults, domestically and abroad. Then in 2011, I launched Freedom Lifted to provide tour experiences throughout the Deep South for groups of all ages that wish to deepen understanding about civil rights and social justice. I believe this type of travel can be fun and challenging. We can do it in a way that benefits local economies and helps us be more informed and engaged activists today. Thus, every tour I lead includes discussions with elders, time for reflection, contemporary connections, and good local food.

The Civil Rights tours complement the training and facilitation work I do with organizations and companies across the country to integrate justice + equity in their policies and practices. My facilitation style is rooted in gratitude, reflective practice, and a commitment to use how we know and understand the past to build a more just future.

I am indebted to my ancestors and elders for their resistance and insistence on being treated with dignity and respect.  All of my tours and teaching are dedicated to them.

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