Trainings and


Freedom Lifted offers professional development trainings using accessible, anti-oppression frameworks for groups in education, business, philanthropy, and nonprofit sectors.   



Justice + Equity 101 - This training begins with participants examining their own identities and levels of personal power.  We then discuss how we define power and justice and how power can be used to inhibit or advance equity and social justice. Participants then analyze the use of oppression from personal to institutional levels and what it means to lead with an anti-oppressive lens.  We end with a look at resistance and solidarity in practice and develop plans to take action in their our own sectors, companies, organizations and communities. Learn more about the Justice + Equity Training.  (1 - 1.5 days)

Equity Starts With Us - Developed in collaboration with the Public Libraries Association, this training applies the Justice + Equity training framework to the context of public libraries. (1.5 days)

New Faces in Broken Places: The Limits of Diversity and the Power of Culture Shifting - This workshop examines how organizations, companies, and institutions can grow in their commitment to justice beyond diversity, equity, and inclusion (EDI) efforts. Participants ask important, yet often difficult questions of themselves to help uncover the barriers to having genuine shared power and leadership at all levels. We take a close look at organizational history, values, and internal power dynamics to create a cultural profile and then, if desired, create new affirmative ways of being and inspired work environments. (1 - 2 days)


Freedom Lifted also provides facilitation support to organizations and groups committed to advancing equity and social justice. This includes:

  • Staff Retreats - Focused time for staff teams to:

    • reconnect to a justice-oriented vision

    • strengthen relationships

    • explore and affirm various leadership styles

    • manage recent transitions

    • start planning or take stock of progress in a project

    • set goals and timelines

    • embrace and transform tension

    • creatively problem-solve

    • discuss issues at a much deeper and more thoughtful level

  • Board Retreats - Focused time for boards of directors to:

    • reconnect to a justice-oriented vision

    • build relationships

    • make difficult decisions

    • restructure for increased effectiveness

    • seek consensus on a new direction

    • develop birds’ eye level recommendations

  • Coalition-Building - Focused time for multiple organizations working together to change or enact policy to:

    • build relationships

    • set goals and timelines

    • develop strategy

    • evaluate effectiveness

  • Cohort Development - Focused time for individuals who are connected by a common goal, purpose, or resource to:

    • build relationships

    • share knowledge and experiences

    • increase capacity through mutual support


Current and previous clients include:

  • Public Library Association, a division of the American Library Association (ALA)

  • Kellogg Foundation Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Initiative (TRHT) in Michigan

  • Press On, a southern movement journalism collective

  • Social Media Week

  • Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan

  • EarnUp

  • Council of Michigan Foundations

  • Kalamazoo Community Foundation