Justice + Equity Training 


Part 1:  Identity and Power

This interactive workshop engages participants in a discussion of the societal implications of power and privilege, including how they shape and are informed by our multiple identities. Participants begin by exploring their own identities and how they inform our levels of personal power. We then discuss how we define power and justice, how we build power, and how power can be used to inhibit or advance equity and social justice. (2 hours)

Part 2: Understanding and Dismantling Oppression

In this session, participants share their own experiences with oppression, from personal to institutional levels, and what it means to lead with an anti-oppressive lens. This session consists of two parts: 1) understanding definitions for and examples of oppression - historical and current and 2) deep discussion on recognizing and interrupting oppression in our work and fields of practice .   (3 - 4 hours)

Part 3: Strategies for Resistance and Solidarity

In the final session, participants apply the analysis developed in the first two sessions to create action plans for effective justice and equity work. Participants use lessons from history to develop individual and organizational plans for creating equitable and liberatory spaces in the schools, organizations, and fields in which they work.  (2 - 3 hours)

Trainings are designed to be taken in sequence.