Training FAQs 

1. Can anyone participate in the trainings?

Trainings are designed for people 12 years old and older. Images used in presentations may be inappropriate for children. Although previous exposure to social justice issues is useful, there is no specific preparation needed.  Participants should be ready to reflect on their own experiences and open to learning from others.

2. Are the trainings neutral and unbiased?  

No. The trainings are facilitated with the following assumptions:  

  • Oppression exists.

  • Social justice is desirable.

  • The goal of social justice work is collective liberation.

  • An effective educational approach to this work is with both compassion and accountability.

  • Everyone has work to do.

3. How much do the trainings and facilitation support cost?

Once a request for a training or facilitation is submitted, a pricing quote will be provided based on the length of time and number of participants. We are able to work with limited budgets.

4. How do I request a training or facilitation?  

Request a training and we will follow up with you about your goals and intended outcomes.